Future Scope of Smart Materials

Smart materials have many applications in different fields of medicine and engineering and also the rise in demand for the smart materials is enough to believe that there is a great scope for the smart materials in the future. The development of true smart materials at the atomic scale is still some way off, although the enabling technologies are under development. Worldwide, considerable effort is being deployed to develop smart materials and structures and the technological benefits of such systems have begun to be identified and, demonstrators are under construction for a wide range of applications from space and aerospace, to civil engineering and domestic products these systems are recognized as a strategic technology for the future, having considerable potential for development of unknown products and performance enhancement of existing products in industrial sectors which is the future of smart materials and also creates many job opportunities  in this sector.


  • Track 1-1 Performance enhancement
  • Track 2-2 Innovation (Unknown products)
  • Track 3-3 Medical and engineering fields
  • Track 4-4 Strategic technology for the future
  • Track 5-5 New Job opportunities in this sector

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