Smart Textiles in Clothing

Smart textiles that revolutionize our lives. Clothes that monitor your health or measure your movements. Technology that makes it possible to recycle and reuse textile fibres. The textile industry is about to take a giant step. Textile innovations improve people’s everyday lives and benefit the industry, the health care sector and the environment. Smart Textiles is that innovation environment in Northern Europe. Today, the research community, the business community, institutions and the public sector come together to find the solutions of the future. The health and beauty industry is also taking advantage of these innovations, which range from drug-releasing medical textiles to fabric with moisturizer, perfume, and anti-ageing properties. Much smart clothing, wearable technology, and wearable computing projects involve the use of e-textiles


  • Track 1-1 Smart Garments
  • Track 2-2 Fibretronics
  • Track 3-3 Wearable Computing
  • Track 4-4 Health Monitoring
  • Track 5-5 Sports Training

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