About the conference

"9th International Conference on Smart Materials and nanotechnology" is a scientific online event coordinated by the PULSUS group during February 11-122022. "Utilization of arising smart materials and nanotechnology in materials science" is the theme of our webinar.

Smart Materials 2022 is a digital space of experts in the field of Materials science and the multidiscipline Nanotechnology gathered together. Discuss the recent trends in the emerging new techniques in the field of Materials science and Nanoscience by oral presentation, paper presentation and poster presentation.

We are devoted to providing the international standards scientific digital convention by including theoretical and practical knowledge and electronic exhibition of current trending products in the markets by the top industries in the Nanotechnology and material science domain.

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On the same note, Smart Materials 2022 welcomes all intrigued members to this esteemed occasion.

The Conference Highlights are: