Sun Exposure Monitoring Sensor

Medical literature is suggesting that regular sun exposure is associated with substantial decrease in death rates from certain cancers and a decrease in overall Cancer death rates. Sunlight activation is our most effective source of vitamin D and regular sunlight/vitamin D "intake" inhibits growth of breast and colon cancer cells and is associated with substantial decreases in death rates from these cancers. So how does one know how much sun exposure is enough? The device that can notify users of their total exposure, allowing them to achieve a balance has been developed. When the sensor turns orange, the user has reached the World Health Organization recommended daily dose of Vitamin D

  • Track 1-1 Small and easy to wear
  • Track 2-2 All type skin compatible
  • Track 3-3 Easy operative
  • Track 4-4 Noticable color changes
  • Track 5-5 User friendly

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