Speaker Biography

Dan Cohen

Informatix, Israel

Title: Slow Positron facility (SPOT)

Dan Cohen

Dan Cohen is working as CSO at Informatix, Israel.


A slow positron beam is been built at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the Slow Positron facility (SPOT). In Israel, the beam will introduce a new tool for both fundamental and applied research, and also will be one of the first slow positron beams in the world which are industry oriented, hence the special design. Here we present the design process of the beam, where the leading goals are safety and high efficiency, with a flexible choice of the positron source. The challenges in the design of a moderator unit, planned to utilize frozen gas in a conical geometry, with replicable positron source, the pre-accelerator section and the full beam-line were addressed by various simulation programs. First positron transport measurements in SPOT are being held and a fully operating facility is expected within a year. We believe this tool will open new horizons for smart materials understanding and quality assurance while manufacturing them.